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Answers to Math Exercises & Math Problems: Inequality Word Problems



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1. The wanted integer number is y = 33.


2. The tourists can swim at the most to the distance 60 km far away from the point A.


3. x{1;2;3;4}


4. x{14;25;36;47;58}


5. In order to have B on the certificates Thom must now get A at least 3 times and at the most 9 times.


6. x{51;62;73}


7. The speed of the tourist is faster than 4 km/h and slower than 5 km/h.


8. x{21;32;43}


9. The wanted fraction is {(t–1)/2t; t belongs to (39/5;13)}.


10. The tractor driver would plow daily according to the plan more than 22/3 ha, but at the most 8 ha.


11. The first leg of a right-angled triangle should be longer than 8 cm.


12. m belongs to <–1/3;–1/5>


13. The added 10 L solution must be at least 69.2 % and at most 87.2 %.







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